Japanese Diet passes bill to set up a new nuclear agency; Japan to provide six billion dollars in ODA over next three years from 2013 to help developing countries
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  • (JUNE 18-24)

    Reports noted that Japanese Diet has recently passed a bill to set up by September this year a new independent regulatory commission namely the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, comprising of five nuclear exerts to ensure nuclear plant safety. The new agency will be separated from industry ministry and combined with the Nuclear Energy Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office. The new Commission will be responsible to create within 10 months of its establishment, to create safety standards for the nuclear plants in Japan. The commission is authorized to make decisions requiring technical expertise in case of any emergency in nuclear plants, which will limit Prime Minister’s authority to issue instructions to the commission. 1

    In another development, Japan has recently pledged to offer a total of 6 billion dollars in ODA over three years from fiscal 2013. This aid will be primarily aimed at helping the developing countries in establishing measures to minimize damage during natural disasters and introducing renewable energy. 2