India, Iran discuss bilateral, regional, international issues; Iran creates software to remove “Flame” virus
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  • (MAY 28-JUNE 3)

    According to reports, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, following a meeting with Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna in New Delhi on May 31, has said that Iran will continue to be a reliable partner for India particularly for energy security. Krishna also stressed the importance of Iran as a neighbour and a crucial trade partner for India, especially to meet its domestic demand for crude oil. 1 In a separate meeting with National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, the officials discussed opportunities to strengthen bilateral cooperation and other regional and international issues of significance. 2 Salehi had visited India to extend an invitation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran in August this year.

    In other developments, according to reports, the head of Iran’s Information Technology Organisation, Ali Hakim Javadi, has said that Iranian experts have produced an anti-virus software that can spot and remove the newly detected computer virus named “Flame”. The software was created by the MAHER center, Iran’s national computer emergency response team. Javadi has said that the virus is more destructive than Stuxnet. 3

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