China promotes ties with Croatia; US falsely accusing Chinese military; Beijing refutes New Delhi’s border accusations; China-US seek uninterrupted military ties; Chinese aircraft carrier completes 6th sea trial; Japan and China hold first maritime talks;
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  • According to reports, Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, Wu Banggguo and his Croatian counterpart agreed that the two sides should work towards promoting bilateral exchanges. 1

    Beijing has recently announced that the Pentagon has been falsely accusing China’s military expenditure to be non-transparent and also of cyberspace intrusions. 2 On the other hand Beijing has also refuted claims made by New Delhi that its armed forces had been overstepping the boundary. 3

    However in another development, Chinese and American official announced that it was important to maintain good relations. 4

    Reports note that the Chinese military has achieved another feat when the Chinese aircraft carrier returned to Dalian Harbour after its successfully sixth trial at sea. 5

    In other developments, according to reports, China and Japan held the first round of high-level consultation on maritime affairs. 6 China also announced that China and Australia should increase their friendship and cooperation and provide good environment for investment. 7 Meanwhile Phillipines announced that the Huangyan Island dispute might soon be resolved. 8