Pakistan Army Chief Kayani: Paksitan’s road link to Afghanistan to be built by the Pak Army; Pakistan protests fresh US drone attacks; Next round of Pak-US strategic dialogue in May; Pakistan PM Gilani:
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  • Pakistan Army Chief Pervez Ashfaq Kayani announced construction of a major road project between Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan. This road will be of prime importance in the sphere of trade and commerce and will run in the North Waziristan (Bannu) Area to Ghulam Khan. This project is being undertaken by the Pakistan army. The cost of the project is $48 million and the length of the road is 50 Km.1

    Reports noted that Pakistan has lodged protests against US drone attacks in Angoor Adda, in the tribal areas of Pakistan. For the first time a demarche has been issued against missile strikes targeting militants. Pakistan has called drone attacks as counterproductive in fight against the militants which strengthens militant’s actions further. The drone attacks happened immediately after a meeting between Pakistan’s ISI Chief Gen Shuja Pasha and CIA Chief Leo Panetta over limiting drone attacks.2

    Pakistani Prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani said that India and Pakistan are committed to solving Kashmir issue diplomatically. Another war over the dispute will be detrimental to the renewed talks between the two countries, he said.3

    In other developments, Pakistan and the United States are expected to hold next round of strategic dialogue in May. The dialogue will focus on issues such as security, education and health etc. The date and place are yet to be announced.4