Pakistan PM Gilani solicits talk way forward in India-Pakistan relations; World Bank approves $400 million for development of education in Pakistan
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  • Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that his government would like to take Pakistan’s relation with India forward through talks on resolution of all impending issues peacefully. This comes on the wake of a meeting scheduled between the interior secretaries of respective countries which is scheduled to be held in New Delhi next week.1

    Meanwhile, reports noted that the World Bank has approved a loan of $400 million for up liftmen of collapsing education system in Pakistan. The World Bank said in a statement that $300 million would go for projects at university level and $50 million each for education reforms at provincial level. It would be worth noting that the education system is the worst hit in the country where less than 1.5 % of GDP is invested by the government.2