Tibetan exiles in Nepal protest against Chinese crackdown; Prachanda accuses Nepali police of importing arms from India; UNSC, Japan call for free and fair elections
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  • Tibetan exiles in Nepal demonstrated during the week against the Chinese government over its policies in Tibet. Kathmandu however adopted a hard line stance policy and stated that it had “no choice but to prevent anti-Chinese protests1.”

    In domestic political developments, Maoist Chairman Prachanda alleged that foreign interests were influencing the outcome of the forthcoming Constituent Assembly (CA) polls2. Prachanda also accused the Nepali police of clandestinely importing arms from India and charged that these activities breached the comprehensive peace agreement3.

    The UN Security Council on its part has emphasized on the need to conduct free and fair elections, while assuring the full support of the UN mission in Nepal to the process. The UNSC also called on the Seven Party Alliance to "uphold public security” and create an atmosphere that was conducive for the conduct of successful elections4.

    The Japanese government has also promised to send a team, under the provisions of Japan’s International Peace Cooperation Law, to monitor the CA elections. The team was expected to arrive in Nepal by April 55.