Bush: Iran cannot be trusted just to develop nuclear power; P-5 prepares an incentive package for Iran, hopes Iran would stop enrichment
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  • President George Bush in an interview to the Voice of America stated that Iran had the right to have civilian nuclear power as long as fuel for its reactors was provided by an outside source. He added that the Iranian government cannot be trusted to develop nuclear power solely for peaceful purposes as they had not been “forthcoming about their enrichment of fuels.” Bush noted that Russia's offer to provide fuel on a contractual basis “would help solve the problem1.”

    Meanwhile, reports indicated that the United States and the other permanent members of the UN Security Council were preparing a package of incentives aimed at inducing Iran's newly-elected parliament to concede in ending its uranium-enrichment program. The proposals, encompassing economic, technological and security benefits included provision of spare parts for Iran's aging fleet of Boeing aircraft and help in developing a civilian nuclear energy program. Though the offer in question was similar to that made in 2006, which Iran had rejected, officials involved in drafting the proposal noted that the timing of the incentives would be more specific this time around2.