China to promote friendly co-op with Sudan; China to give $95m to African Union; EU leaders: China willing to aid bailout; China says sanctions on Iran not constructive; Israel, China celebrates 20 years of diplomatic relations; Xi's visit to promote publ
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  • According to reports, Beijing has announced that it will deepen its friendly cooperation with Sudan in order to maintain the national stability. 1 Beijing also announced that China will work towards promising the China-AU relationship. 2

    According to reports, China has shown interest towards contributing to the global efforts to bail out debt ridden European countries but with preconditions. 3
    In other development, according to reports, Beijing has asserted that sanctions against Iran are not constructive.4 Meanwhile, according to reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised relations between China and Israel on the occasion of 20th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations. 5

    Meanwhile, according to reports, Chinese Vice-President Xi Jingping’s trip to United States is expected to be an opportunity to promote public diplomacy between the two sides. 6

    On domestic front, according to reports, Beijing has announced that it is against the Dalai Lama’s activities in the international domain. It also asserted that Beijing is against any form of contact between the Dalai Lama and officials of other countries.7 It also asserted that Beijing stance on Diaoyu Island’s sovereignty is ‘firm and unwavering’. 8
    In other developments, reports noted that China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a joint communiqué establishing strategic partnership between the two sides. 9