Japan successfully launches two satellites to strengthen its surveillance capabilities; China conducts test flight of indigenous Military Transport Plane
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  • JANUARY 21-27

    According to reports, Japan, on January 27, successfully launched two satellites to boost its surveillance capabilities. One of them was a radar-equipped unit to complete a system of surveillance satellites that will allow Tokyo to monitor any place in the world at least once a day. The other was a demonstration satellite to collect data for research and development. The H-IIA rocket blasted off from Tanegashima and released the satellites. According to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), “the rocket flew as planned and released both satellites.” The radar satellite is believed to be able to detect objects on the ground as small as a square meter from an altitude of several hundred kilometers, even at night and through cloud cover. 1
    In another development, according to reports, China has carried out a test flight of its biggest-ever indigenous army transport airplane Y-20 on January 26. The plane is developed in China and will be used to transport military combat and support vehicles. It can carry weight up to 66 tons. Experts feel that the Y-20 would be a huge boost to the intercontinental strategic projection abilities of China’s air force. 2