Canadian High Commissioner met with President Nasheed; The Maldivian government and the British High Commission jointly organize a Counter Terrorism Workshop;
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  • The High Commissioner of Canada to the Maldives Mr Bruce paid a courtesy visit on President Mohamed Nasheed at the President’s Office on November 22. He discussed developmental cooperation between the Maldives and Canada.1

    The Maldivian government and the British High Commission jointly organized a Counter Terrorism Workshop at Aarah on November 22 to develop a counter terrorism strategy for the Maldives and share experiences in the area between the Maldives and the United Kingdom. Maldivian Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed inaugurated the workshop.2

    The Maldives has published ‘Carbon Audit’ report which includes detailed analysis of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2009 , projected emissions for 2020 under a ‘business as usual’ scenario and key areas where the Maldives can slash its greenhouse gas emissions. It has expected to publish a Carbon Neutral Master Plan next year which will precisely detail how the country intends to reach carbon neutrality.3 In another development, President Mohamed Nasheed met with European Commission’s Director for Asia and Central Asia Dirk Meganck to discuss EU assistance for the Maldives’ climate adaptation projects. Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed along with the Climate Advisory Council also attended the meeting.4

    Maldives Child Protection Database (MCPD) has been established with the assistance of UNICEF, UN Children’s Fund, in collaboration with Maldives Police Service, Ministry of Health and Family, Ministry of Education and Juvenile Justice Unit aimed at capturing details of reporting and follow up of cases of Child Abuse, Juvenile Delinquency and Gender Based Violence. It was launched by Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed on November 25.5

    In other developments, Foreign Policy Magazine has listed Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed as one of the top hundred Global Thinkers on the back of a number of high-profile environmentally-themed speeches and commitments such as a national pledge to be carbon neutral by 2020. He has been ranked at 39th position in magazine’s list of top 100 Global Thinkers.6