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Calibrated Responses: The Way Forward for Defeating Proxy War

September 23, 2016

Through a pragmatic strategy coupled with national will, India should undertake calibrated responses to defeat Pakistan’s proxy war game plan with a view to making its misadventures prohibitively costly and unsustainable.

Deciphering Pakistan’s Kashmir Lexicon

September 08, 2016

India has failed the Valley by not countering the false narratives of Pakistan’s false lexicon on Kashmir.

The Draft Maharashtra Protection of Internal Security Act 2016: A Review

September 07, 2016

While the need for re-evaluating internal security holistically is undeniable, it may be appropriate to deal with this matter in the national context.

July 27, 1990: Trinidad’s day of infamy

July 26, 2016
July 27, 1990: Trinidad’s day of infamy

On July 27, 1990, Trinidad experienced its own day of infamy when the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen staged an armed insurrection and held hostage the then Prime Minister, most of his cabinet and several opposition MPs, plus the staff of the television and radio networks.

Inter-State Council and Internal Security

July 25, 2016
Inter-State Council and Internal Security

The Inter-State Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, is the best constitutional forum at the disposal of the Union Government to deal with challenges relating to internal security.

Why JMB is of Concern to India

July 21, 2016

Bangladesh-based terror groups acting against India is not new. What is new is a Bangladeshi terror group based in India acting against both India and Bangladesh. Needless to say, robust counterterrorism cooperation between India and Bangladesh is imperative to tackling common enemies like JMB.

Online Radicalisation: The Example of Burhan Wani

July 16, 2016
Online Radicalisation: The Example of Burhan Wani

Effective use of social media fuelled Wani’s rise to prominence. His skills in this domain radicalised youth in greater numbers than had previously been achieved using more conventional methods.

The Terrorist Attack on Ataturk Airport – Portents and Pointers

July 08, 2016
Terrorist Attack on Ataturk Airport

The June 28 attack on Ataturk airport, as also the Zaventem attack in Brussels, have highlighted the security lacunae in all airports, which do not monitor the arrival terminals.

Lashkar-e-Cyber of Hafiz Saeed

March 21, 2016

Terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba are increasingly taking to social media to further widen their outreach. By integrating social media with self-developed android apps, Lashkar is also turning from mere technology user into a product developer.

Asian Strategic Review 2016 -Terrorism: Emerging Trends

Asian Strategic Review 2016 -Terrorism: Emerging Trends

Publisher: Pentagon Press
Under the US leadership, the international community has been fighting the war on global terrorism for the past decade and a half. Strategies and targets have undergone several changes in this war, but terrorism continues to show no signs of decline. It continues to pose a major security challenge to world order and stability. Concrete and chilling evidence for this was provided by the recent attacks in Paris, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kunduz, Kabul, Peshawar and Pathankot. The list is indeed long and extensive to be fully recorded here. During the first 15 days of 2016, one website records 17 terrorist attacks in different parts of the world.
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