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COUNTRY BRIEF - Bhutan: Internal Developments and External Engagements


1 Introduction
2 History
3 Governance
4 Foreign Policy
4.1 Bhutan-India
4.2 Bhutan-China
4.3 Bhutan-Nepal
4.4 Bhutan-Bangladesh
4.5 Bhutan and International Organisations
5 Conclusion
5.1 Select Reading

Bhutan Maps

Population Density
Ethnic Composition of Bhutan
Entry/Exit Points
Sino-Bhutan Border Dispute
Refugee Camps in Nepal


Appendix I: India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty, March 5, 2007
Appendix II: Bhutan-China Agreement, 1998.
Appendix III: Bhutan Fact Sheet
Appendix IV: List of Agreements/MoUs between India –Bhutan, 2009

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