India-France Relations

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  • Successful PSLV-C20/SARAL Mission: India’s French “Space” Connect

    For almost the last 50 years, space collaboration has significantly remained intact between France and India. They have worked together on a range of issues from satellite applications, developing small satellites to earth system science and weather satellites.

    March 07, 2013

    The Franco-Indian Quest for an Independent Nuclear Policy, 1950‐1974

    Normative credibility bestows on the Indian and French quest for foreign policy independence the uniqueness not granted to any other bilateral nuclear relationship operating in opposition to the non-proliferation regime.

    October 10, 2012

    Rafale Wins the MMRCA Competition

    The Rafale’s upkeep and maintenance would demand a very high level of training and skills both by the pilots and technical personnel. Above all, stupid mistakes must be avoided by bringing about a fundamental change in our outlook to peacetime operations.

    February 06, 2012

    India-France Nuclear and High Technology Partnership

    Instead of quibbling over non-issues like civil nuclear damage liability bill, France should make a determined effort to embrace and support India.

    December 10, 2010

    ISRO’s French Connection

    Sarkozy’s speech at ISRO was an interesting mix of issues relating to geostrategic significance, business, and collaboration in science and technology.

    December 07, 2010

    Sarkozy’s Visit to India

    President Nicolas Sarkozy’s first visit to India on January 25-27, 2008 (along with 300 delegates) provided fresh impetus to the strategic partnership between the two countries. The visit reinforced the interests of both countries in maintaining close and friendly ties and in strengthening a multipolar world order. During his visit, Sarkozy had one-to-one talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, followed by discussions between the two sides on various sectors. The two countries signed several major agreements related to defence, nuclear research, space and healthcare.

    January 29, 2008