Far-Right Extremism

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  • Far-Right Extremism in Europe: From Margins to Mainstream

    Far-right extremism is spreading in the European body politic at a rapid pace.

    April 02, 2024

    Neo-Nazi Music Concerts: Incubators of Far-Right Extremism

    Neo-Nazi music concerts have become a fertile ground for the mobilisation and financing of far-right extremists.

    February 28, 2024

    AfD’s Remigration Agenda: Germany’s Challenge of Far-Right Extremism

    AfD’s remigration masterplan is a stark reminder of how far-right extremism remains a grave concern in Germany.

    February 09, 2024

    Far-Right Extremism in the West

    Far-right extremism, rooted in the anti-Semitic, White supremacist Nazi and Fascist ideologies of the 20th century, has gained popularity across first world countries.

    July 06, 2022