Military Operations

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  • Bhavya Sethi asked: In the wake of India's ascendancy in global affairs, does the Indian military need an expeditionary force on the lines of the US Marines?

    Guriqbal Singh Gill replies: An expeditionary force is a military unit designed to be deployed quickly to foreign territories to conduct operations in support of national interests. The US Marines are a prime example of an expeditionary force, with a primary mission to provide forward-deployed combat power in any part of the world. India's military, on the other hand, has a long history of territorial defence, and most of its military operations have been conducted within its borders.

    Anil Thomas asked: What lessons can be drawn from the Russia–Ukraine war to realign India's conventional capability?

    Vivek Chadha replies: The Russia–Ukraine war has lasted more than six months. However, from the perspective of drawing long-term lessons from the war, it may still be considered premature. The ongoing trajectory of the war has indicated inadequate clarity regarding Russia's terminal objectives or for that matter, even a strategic timeline that Russia may have assigned to its senior military leadership. Therefore, with inadequate clarity on some of these issues, drawing conventional lessons does become a challenge.

    Early Military Lessons from Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine

    While the end state of the Russia–Ukraine conflict is still afar, an analysis of the conflict and war fighting so far, shows that there are enough early lessons for the strategic and military practitioners to decipher and take note of.

    March 28, 2022

    India’s Politico-Military Strategy for the 1971 India–Pakistan War

    India displayed its firm political resolve, robust military capability and deliberate decision-making process in the 1971 India–Pakistan War to achieve significant strategic success. The politico-military strategy evolved progressively from a cautious response to a firm decision to employ the Armed Forces at an appropriate time as the last instrument. India adroitly calibrated an indigenous freedom movement led by Mukti Bahini and concurrently launched a diplomatic outreach campaign to shape the environment in its favour.

    October–December 2021