Space Diplomacy

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  • Vipin asked: What could be the implications of China's space diplomacy in India’s neighbourhood, especially Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka?

    Reply: Refer to Ajey Lele’s recent commentary, “China’s ‘String of pearls’ in Space”, March 21, 2013; and his book, Asian Space Race: Rhetoric or Reality?, Springer, 2013.

    Also, refer to other IDSA publications on the subject:

    Radhakrishna Rao, “The Indian Space Programme in 2012: A Review”, January 2, 2013.
    Ajey Lele, “China to Launch Satellite for Sri Lanka: India’s Missed Opportunity?”, November 16, 2012.
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    Successful PSLV-C20/SARAL Mission: India’s French “Space” Connect

    For almost the last 50 years, space collaboration has significantly remained intact between France and India. They have worked together on a range of issues from satellite applications, developing small satellites to earth system science and weather satellites.

    March 07, 2013

    Space Code of Conduct: Inadequate Mechanism—A Response

    An “imperfect” International Code of Conduct can help establish and strengthen norms for responsible space-faring nations. We must make hard choices about which less-than-perfect approach can best serve national and international security.

    June 27, 2012