Military History

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  • Vineet Ravindran asked: How important is India’s ancient naval tradition for the 21st century? What can Indian policymakers learn from it?

    Abhay Kumar Singh replies: Being a potpourri of ideas and traditions, a nation-state’s identity is a complex affair. History, traditions, and cultural symbols play a defining role in shaping the national identity, national self-image and strategic culture. The importance of India’s ancient naval tradition needs to be understood in this context.

    Ensuring a Level Playing Field in the Indian Army

    The Indian Army is at the cusp of a huge change. It has to concurrently manage the matter of Women Officers as seamlessly as possible. Success in this venture is predicated squarely on the mindsets of the seniors in charge and the WO community

    February 19, 2020

    A Longue Durée Perspective on Military Science in India

    This article posits that military science has been one of the most neglected subjects in Indian history in practice and in scholarship. Greater, popular scholarly focus tends to be mostly on subjects dealing with grand strategy and with it, abstract armchair theorising. While grand strategy is necessary at the political–military level, it is not sufficient as victory or defeat also depends on the capacity of the armed forces to achieve the desired results during the conduct of war.

    January-March 2018

    India’s Wars: A Military History, 1947–1971, by Arjun Subramaniam

    In this first of two volumes, Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam offers excellent and concise histories of India’s wars and military operations, starting with the rescue and partial liberation of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947-48 from depredating Pakistani irregulars and ending with the 1971 war for the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan’s genocidal rule. Based on published material available, and supplementing it with interviews, Subramaniam’s India’s Wars provides a layered perspective on the strategic, operational and tactical aspects of these wars and operations.

    July 2017

    Publishing Official Military Histories

    Publishing Official Military Histories

    We recommend that the histories of the 1965 and 1971 wars be revised, updated and reprinted as proper official versions with the correct title and logo.

    October 16, 2015

    One Hundred Years of Kautilya's Arthasastra

    One Hundred Years of Kautilya's Arthasastra

    This work establishes the need for relevance of Kautilya's Arthasastra to contemporary security studies. The paper provides an overview and an update of various academic and scholarly controversies on its age and authorship, and also on the misperceptions which abound on Kautilya himself.


    The Need for Renaissance of Military History and Modern War Studies in India

    The Need for Renaissance of Military History and Modern War Studies in India

    The paper makes a case for the need for a renaissance of military history, and modern war studies in India. There is a wide gap in knowledge base of contemporary military history and war studies in India compared to advances made at global level.

    The Need for Declassification of War Histories and other Documents

    Civil society in general and the strategic community in particular must demand the release of documents pertaining to India’s security.

    July 06, 2011