Bird Flu

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  • Terror Without Tags: Need For A Comprehensive National Security Policy

    Nation States prioritize the pursuit of security in such a way that threats to national security from external sources are cordoned from threats that arise from within. However, terror without ‘tag values’ - i.e. without an actor to perform, without an explicit intention of any party involved, due to the scourges of inefficient regulatory mechanisms and which has very little incubation time to register as serious threats – are important security threats which require concerted action among the people and the state for successful resolution. Empowered civil-society, decentralized capacity building and proactive citizenry can facilitate not only recognizing of the threats early, but also achieving quicker restitution of order.

    April-June 2010

    Bird Flu: A Lethal Threat

    In early January 2009, bird flu resurfaced with the death of a Chinese woman who was infected with the H5N1 strain of avian influenza in the eastern Shandong province in China. Only two weeks before this, the Chinese media had announced the death of a 19-year old woman from the disease. Reportedly, the woman died after she came into contact with poultry in the market. This is the second reported death caused by bird flu in China since the beginning of the year. This deadly pandemic, also known as avian influenza is the worst of its kind in medical history.

    January-March 2009

    The Bomb and the Bird

    In the backdrop of President Bush's successful visit to India and the finalizing of the 'nuclear energy' deal minus the US Congress approval, many opinion-makers are coming out with bizarre theories about this deal either in its favour or against it and appear to be making a few mistakes knowingly.

    In contrast, intellectual debate is entirely missing on bird flu and its future, particularly when the spread of bird flu has already started in the country. This clearly indicates the triviality of intellectual thinking, be it among academics, scientists or the media.

    March 08, 2006

    Preparing for Pandemics of Infectious Diseases Like Bird Flu

    Threats to human, national and international security as a result of biological warfare and pandemics are inadequately discussed in the popular media. Non-state actors are expected to use innovative methods to execute acts of terrorism. It is often contended that a terrorist organisation may well get the best results using conventional high explosives. This trend is clearly discernible in the methods used by terrorists worldwide. Manufacturing terror-grade dirty radiological or biological bombs that can be delivered effectively is far more difficult than using conventional explosives.

    December 20, 2005