Nuclear Posture Review (NPR)

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  • Indian Nuclear Posture: Confusing Signals from DRDO

    India is currently in the midst of a battery of scheduled missile tests at its Chandipur test range off the coast of Orissa, including scheduled tests of the Prithvi-II and Agni-II. On Saturday, India tested, for the third time, a 750-km semi-ballistic missile named Shourya. The Shourya has roughly the same range as the Agni-I but is designed to be more mobile, with a reduced logistics trail.

    September 26, 2011

    De-linking CBW from Nuclear Deterrence

    President Obama’s Nuclear Posture Review1 has raised hopes of universally fine-tuning nuclear deterrence; using it ‘fundamentally’ against the nuclear threats. This article attempts to underline the issues involved in de-linking Chemical and Biological weapons’ threats from nuclear use.

    April-June 2010