India and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): An Economic and Political Perspective

Samir Pradhan is Senior Researcher with the Gulf-Asia and GCC Economics Programme at the Gulf Research Centre, Dubai.
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  • January 2010

    Indian presence in the Gulf region is civilizational and has developed into a vibrant relationship over the years. With the emergence of India as a large economic power and with the Gulf region simultaneously witnessing spectacular economic growth, economic trends are reinforcing mutual interdependence. While India's economic presence in the region has transformed from barter exchanges between merchants and Indian human capital, India's political presence has remained more or less subdued. However, in the changing post-Cold War geo-political environment and converging security landscape, India has become strategically important for the Gulf countries as a major geo-political player. This article analyses Indian presence in the Gulf region and makes an economic and political assessment of the emerging Gulf-India ties.