The Fractured Himalaya: India, Tibet, China, 1949-1962: Nirupama Rao, The Fractured Himalaya: India, Tibet, China, 1949-1962, Viking (Penguin), Gurugram, 2021, 609 pp., Price: INR 999.00 (Hardback), ISBN: 9780670088294

Sunil Khatri is a former Indian civil servant. The views expressed are personal.
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  • May 2022
    Book Review

    The Fractured Himalaya covers India-China relations during the initial 13-year period (1949–1962) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The author, Nirupama Rao, a former member of the Indian Foreign Service, served as Ambassador to China, thereafter as Foreign Secretary of India and eventually became Ambassador to the United States. Post-superannuation, she received the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship following the Meera and Vikram Gandhi Fellowship at Brown University, to conduct research on Sino-Indian relations. The author’s credentials have equipped her adequately to write this book. The author attempts to understand ‘both the human factors and policy decisions’ involved in India-China interactions during the formative years of the PRC and independent India. According to her, ‘A more textured understanding of the complex past in India-China relations can also prepare us for the challenges that confront the Indo-Pacific region today, consonant with China’s rise, and enable more creative statecraft’ (p. xx)