China and South Asia: Changing Regional Dynamics, Development and Power Play

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  • May 2022
    Book Review

    China and South Asia is a collection of essays on Chinese foreign policy in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region. It covers China’s diplomatic, political, economic, social, and cultural interactions with the South Asian states, the regional balance of power and power asymmetries, and cooperation, competition and conflicts in the region. China’s rise as an economic power has led to increasing interactions in infrastructure development and connectivity as well as trade and investments with the regional countries. While the volume brings together accounts of ongoing debates and ground realities, it fails to offer a nuanced and balanced perspective on complex issues emerging out of the Chinese policy in the region. Although the edited book ignores India’s perspectives on Chinese engagements, strangely, the South Asia edition features India on the front page to target media, academia, think tanks, and policy makers in India in particular, and South Asia and IOR in general.