My Days at the Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendro: The Radio Broadcasting Centre During Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971

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  • November 2021

    The War of Liberation 1971, or the (Muktijuddho), or just Ekkator er Juddho as it is popularly known in Bangladesh, was a People’s War in which all Bengalis participated, sans a few thousands of the country’s seven and a half crores. This was a peoples’ struggle against the undemocratic Government of Pakistan and its oppressive Army. It was a war where ordinary people from all strata of life ― who knew nothing about waging a war ― took up arms against a trained and fully armed Pakistan Army, while many others ― men and women ― contributed in various other ways. This was a War that lasted for only about nine months, but ended in mass destruction and mayhem, killings and rape, blood and tears ― all of which still haunt the people of Bangladesh even after 50 years of independence.