Post-Pokhran II: Emerging Global Nuclear Order and India’s Nuclear Challenge

Dr Roshan Khanijo is Senior Research Fellow and Research Coordinator, with the Centre for Strategic Studies and Simulation (CS3), at the United Service Institution of India (USI), New Delhi.
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  • May 2018

    Post-Pokhran II the global nuclear environment has changed both in terms of developing niche technologies as also the nuclear strategies. Apart from the traditional challenges, there are new threats emerging in the form of cyber, space, hypersonic glide vehicles, nuclear terrorism, etc. The development of multiple nuclear dyads and triads further makes the security environment increasingly complex, as nations now have to deal with multiple nuclear problems and adversaries. While India has continued its progress in the nuclear domain since 1998, focused critique is necessary to ensure that India’s posture remains relevant and efficient in safeguarding sovereign interests. This article, thus, tries to analyse some of these issues and recommends that India needs to review its nuclear doctrine.