Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West by Ahmed Rashid

Dr Ashish Shukla is Associate Fellow at Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.
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  • March 2013
    Book Review

    In the recent past, Pakistan has earned the distinction of being the most dangerous place on earth. According to some analysts it is a failed state, while others insist that since there is every possibility of resurrection, it should not be considered a failed state. However, almost everyone would agree that the state is in the midst of a severe crisis and poses a great danger to peace in the world in general and the region in particular. One can realise the gravity of the situation from the fact that the army, the most important and powerful institution in Pakistan, is under attack from various quarters of terrorists who feel betrayed due to the post-9/11 cooperation with the United States, and the army operations in tribal areas. The army's hare and hound game, maintaining a distinction between many terrorist outfits, proved to be counterproductive, on the one hand resulting in the breakdown of relations with the US and on the other pushing Pakistan to the brink.