India and the NPT: Separating Substantive Facts from Normative Fiction

Dr. Anupam Srivastava is Director of Asia Projects at the Center for International Trade and Security (CITS) at the University of Georgia (UGA) in the United States.
Dr. Seema Gahlaut is Director of Training & Outreach at CITS/UGA. Both work closely with the Governments of the United States and India on export control and technology security issues
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  • March 2010

    This article examines the feasibility and advisability of India joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It demonstrates that (a) the non-proliferation regime, which is larger and more varied than the NPT, has received significant cooperation from India in the past; (b) that in order to effectively deal with future challenges from nuclear renaissance, nuclear deterrence, and terrorism, the regime will need to craft creative, non-NPT centric solutions like the US-India nuclear agreement, to co-opt India; and (c) that India's interest will be better served by trying to shape the regime from within rather than remaining a reasoned voice from without.