Contribution of the Indian Armed Forces to the Second World War: Book Release and Panel Discussion

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  • January 08, 2013


    Welcome Remarks
    -- Arvind Gupta

    Writing the History of the Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War: A Brief Overview
    -- History Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of India

    Keynote Address
    -- JFR Jacob

    Panel Discussion

    Opening Remarks
    -- Satish Nambiar

    Campaign in South East Asia 1941-42 and The Arakan Operations 1942-45
    -- YM Bammi

    Campaign in Western Asia
    -- Rahul K Bhonsle

    The East African Campaign 1940-41 and The North African Campaign 1940-43
    -- PK Gautam

    Explore the Socio-Economic Impact of the Second World War
    -- UP Thapliyal

    Reclaiming Our Legacy
    -- RTS Chhina

    Summaries of the Eight Volumes
    -- Amit Kumar

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