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Change in India-US Diplomatic Practices – An Interim Report

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  • IDSA Occassional Paper No. 10

    During the last dozen years or so, the Indian and American governments have instituted broad policy changes aimed at turning their bilateral relationship into some form of strategic partnership, but not an alliance. The purpose of this paper is to delve into the altered set of diplomatic practices that have accompanied this major policy change.

    The first objective of this paper is to describe and explain change in diplomatic practices, but a second objective is to explore one specific form of explanation, more than others, so as to look at this subject within a certain perspective. That perspective comes not from usual sources like culture or diplomatic history, but from the academic literature on negotiating behaviour.

    This paper makes up an interim report which comes from an on-going long-term, larger-scale project on Indo-US diplomatic practices and style. The project has been pursued intermittently, via interviews and other appropriate methods, in New Delhi, Washington and elsewhere between 1997 and 2010.

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