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Sanctions on Russia: A Study of Economic Coercion in the Contemporary World

Rajneesh Singh is Research Fellow at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Click here for detailed profile
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  • Monograph No. 82

    On 24 February 2022, President Vladimir Putin announced 'special military operation' in Ukraine. This triggered a series of sanctions by the West, resulting in restrictions on Russia's financial institutions, including its central bank and energy export, among others. Many foreign companies have withdrawn voluntarily from Russia, anticipating adverse public opinion. These measures have had a profound impact on the Russian economy. The sanctions are the most comprehensive package of financial and technological restrictions ever applied to a nuclear-armed great power.
    This monograph attempts to assess the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy and war resolution efforts, and further the understanding of sanctions as a tool of economic coercion. The monograph deliberates on the impact of Western sanctions on Russia in the contemporary global environment, and assesses the scope and limits of this tool of coercive diplomacy on the Russian economy and war resolution efforts.

    About the Author

    Col (Dr) Rajneesh Singh (Retd) is an Infantry officer with extensive operational experience. He has been a UN military observer in Congo. His staff experience includes tenure in the Military Operations Directorate and in Military Secretary's Branch. The officer has also been an instructor at the NDA, Khadakwasla and at DSSC, Wellington. Col Rajneesh Singh (Retd) pursued PhD at the JNU, New Delhi. Post superannuation from the army, the officer worked as a Consultant for the Ministry of Defence before joining MP-IDSA in January 2023.

    Colonel Singh's areas of research include higher defence management and military studies. His current area of research focusses on self-reliance in defence production

    Posted on September 14, 2023