Journal of Defence Studies, Volume 17, Number 3, July–September 2023 (Special Issue)
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    Guest Editorial


    African Defence: A Statistical Analysis
    - Kishore Kumar Khera

    Unpacking India’s Defence Cooperation with Africa
    - Ruchita Beri

    Expanding Arc of India’s Defence Diplomacy: From the Indian Ocean to the Gulf of Guinea
    - Sankalp Gurjar

    India–Africa Defence Diplomacy Amid COVID-19
    - Samir Bhattacharya

    An Indo-African Military and Peacekeeping Partnership
    - Rajesh Isser

    UN Peacekeeping Operations: Challenges and Prospects in South Sudan
    - G. Praveen

    India–Africa Defence Cooperation: A Strategic Perspective
    - G.G. Dwivedi

    India–Africa Military-cum-Defence Diplomacy: A Viable Option
    - Swaim Prakash Singh

    India–Nigeria Defence Cooperation: Contexts, Drivers and Prospects
    - Eghosa E. Osaghae

    Roadmap for Enhanced India–Eastern Africa Defence Cooperation
    - P.S. Bhatti

    Navigating Non-Traditional Security Threats in the Western Indian Ocean Region: Role of India’s Defence and Security Cooperation with East African Island States
    - Raghvendra Kumar

    Rising Terrorist Threats in North-West Africa and Challenges and Opportunities for India’s Counterterrorism Cooperation
    - Md. Muddassir Quamar

    India–Egypt Defence and Security Cooperation
    - Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

    India–Africa Maritime Security and Strategic Cooperation in the Twenty-First Century
    - Arushi Singh

    Collaborative Competence Building for a Better India–Africa Maritime Order
    - Johnson Odakkal and Neeraj Singh Manhas

    Locating Vanilla Islands in India–Africa Defence Cooperation
    - Radhey Tambi

    Maritime Security in the Global South: Challenges and Prospects for Africa–India Defence Cooperation
    - Godwin Ichimi

    India–Africa Cooperation in the Maritime Space
    - Saman Ayesha Kidwai

    Guidelines for Contributors