Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 16, No. 1, January-March 2022
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    A Game Theoretic Analysis for Ladakh Standoff, 2020
    - Sanjay Kumar Singh

    Evaluating Jointness in the Indian Military: A Conceptual and Methodological Approach
    - Ladhu R. Choudhary

    Formation of Reserve Components of the Indonesian Armed Forces: SWOT Analysis
    - Minan Sinulingga, Goki Sihombing and Rendy Ananta Prasetya


    Bridge on the Bay
    - V.S. Ranade

    Swarm Drones and Indian Academia
    - A. Karunakaran

    Book Reviews

    Battle Ready for the 21st Century, edited by Lieutenant General A.K. Singh and Brigadier Narender Kumar
    - P.K. Chakravorty

    Institutions that Shaped India: DRDO, by Ravi Kumar Gupta
    - Laxman Kumar Behera

    Acknowledgement of Referees for Vol. 15, Nos 1–4, 2021

    Guidelines for Contributors