Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 14, No.1-2, January-June 2020
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  • This combined issue features perspectives on human capital for the DMA and UN peacekeeping; and four incisive articles on achieving jointness in war, Mahan’s influence on Japanese maritime strategy, illicit drug trafficking and terror finance, and the evolving role of the IFA in defence. Five book reviews complete the issue.




    Human Capital for the Department of Military Affairs
    -Prakash Menon

    United Nations Peace Operations: Personal Experiences and Reflections
    - Satish Nambiar


    Achieving Jointness in War: One Theatre < One Strategy
    - Ashish Singh

    Influence of Alfred Thayer Mahan on Japanese Maritime Strategy
    - Himadri Bose

    Illicit Drug Trafficking and Financing of Terrorism: The Case of Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their Affiliate Groups
    - Yashasvi Chandra

    International Trends and the Evolving Role of the Integrated Financial Adviser in Defence
    - Sumati Kumar

    Book Reviews
    Naval Modernisation in Southeast Asia: Problems and Prospects for Small and Medium Navies, edited by Geoffrey Till and Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto
    - Roby Thomas

    Power and Diplomacy: India's Foreign Policies during the Cold War, by Zorawar Daulet Singh
    - Nazir Ahmad Mir

    India and China in Asia: Between Equilibrium and Equations, edited by Jagannath P. Panda
    - Prashant Kumar Singh

    The Absent Dialogue: Politicians, Bureaucrats, and the Military in India, by Anit Mukherjee
    - Kishore Kumar Khera

    China's India War: Collision Course on the Roof of the World, by Bertil Lintner
    - Daniel Balazs

    Acknowledgement of Referees for Vol. 13, Nos 1– 4 143

    Guidelines for Contributors