Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3, July-September 2019
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  • This special issue on the theme ‘National Security since Kargil’ has been put together to obtain a 360-degree perspective of where India is 20 years after the Kargil War. It features assessments of various aspects which arose from this operation by practitioners, both servicemen and diplomats.


    Kargil and its Impact on India’s National Security
    -- Alok Deb


    The Kargil War and India’s Security Environment
    -- Jayant Prasad

    The Evolution of India’s National Security Architecture
    -- P.S. Raghavan

    HQ Integrated Defence Staff in the National Security Structure
    -- Satish Dua

    Land Warfare in the Indian Context: Time for a Transformative Shift?
    -- Vivek Chadha

    Kargil to Balakot: The Tumultuous Journey of Indian Air Power
    -- Kishore Kumar Khera

    Influence and Leverage of Indian Seapower: From Kargil to Future Readiness
    -- Sudarshan Shrikhande

    India’s Nuclear Journey Post Kargil
    -- Prakash Menon

    Book Review

    The Line of Control: Travelling with Indian and Pakistani Armies, by Happymon Jacob
    -- Shrabana Barua

    Line on Fire: Ceasefire Violations and India–Pakistan Escalation Dynamics, by Happymon Jacob
    -- Nazir Amhad Mir