Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 13, No. 2, April-June 2019
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  • This issue of the Journal of Defence Studies features two insightful articles on broadening the scope of civil military relations, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and its growing importance in the military domain. It also includes a review article on nuclear weapons and five book reviews.




    Broadening the Education for Synergetic Civil–Military Relations
    -- Pradeep Kumar Gautam

    Internet of Things Centricity of Future Military Operations
    -- Atul Pant

    Review Article

    In Awe of the Atom: Proliferation, Threats, and Costs of Nuclear Management
    -- Nazir Ahmad Mir

    Book Review

    Rebel Law: Insurgents, Courts and Justice in Modern Conflict, by Frank Ledwidge
    -- Suriya Narayanan

    Kautilya and Non-Western IR Theory, by Deepshikha Shahi
    -- Michael Liebig

    India and China at Sea: Competition for Naval Dominance in the Indian Ocean, edited by David Brewster
    -- M. Doraibabu

    The Generation of Rage in Kashmir, by David Devadas
    -- Rajrasheshwari Singh

    India and World War II: War, Armed Forces, and Society, 1939-45, by Kaushik Roy
    -- Manas Dutta