Journal of Defence Studies, Vol. 12, No. 2, April-June 2018
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  • Vol. 12, No. 2, April-June 2018 is a special issue on the theme ‘Internal Security’ and includes insightful articles on key issues including Kashmir, Nagaland, Maoism, radicalisation and the CRPF. Featured are informed perspectives from practitioners and academicians as well as a detailed editorial that sets the issues and challenges in context.


    Editorial: India’s Internal Security Challenges
    -- Pushpita Das


    Inherent Structural Constraints Challenging India’s Internal Security
    -- G.K. Pillai

    The Current Kashmir Imbroglio: Causes and the Way Ahead
    -- D.S. Hooda


    Decentralisation, Autonomy and Effective Governance: Policy Options for Resolving the Kashmir Imbroglio
    -- Syed Jaleel Hussain

    The Quest for Nagalim: Fault Lines and Challenges
    -- Pradeep Singh Chhonkar

    Maoist Finances
    -- P.V. Ramana

    Jihadist Radicalisation in India: Internal Challenges, External Threats
    -- Adil Rasheed

    The CRPF and Internal Security: A Perspective Analysis
    -- P.M. Nair

    Review Reviews

    Keeping India Safe: The Dilemma of Internal Security, by Vappala Balachandran
    -- Ghanshyam Katoch

    India’s National Security Annual Review 2016–17, edited by Satish Kumar
    -- S. Samuel C. Rajiv

    Police and Counter-Insurgency: The Untold Story of Tripura’s COIN Campaign, by Kuldeep Kumar
    -- Mathew S. Simon

    Guidelines for Contributors