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Imran’s China Visit: In Search Of An Economic Package?

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  • November 05, 2018

    Research Consultant, under the Pakistan News Digest Project, IDSA, Ms Zainab Akhter’s commentary on Imran Khan’s maiden visit to China, titled ‘Imran’s China Visit: In Search Of An Economic Package?’ was published in AIR World Service, an External Services Division of All India Radio, on November 05, 2018.

    Imran’s China visit focused more on sorting the internal issues of the two countries, especially related to CPEC and is more of a signalling tactic to reiterate that all is well between the “all-weather friends”. Nevertheless, Pakistan’s policy of seeking loans over the decades has brought it to the brink; and if this pattern continues for a few more years, experts predict that the country’s economic crash cannot be ruled off, writes Ms Akhtar.

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