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Edited Volume ‘India and China in Asia: Between Equilibrium and Equations’ Published

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  • July 01, 2019

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr. Jagannath Panda's edited volume ‘India and China in Asia: Between Equilibrium and Equations’ (Routledge: London and New York; 2019) has been published. A number of well-known experts, including Prof. J. Mohan Malik, Prof. John Garver, Prof. Niklas Swarnstrom, Dr. Xu Jian and Dr. Fang Tien-Sze have contributed to the volume.

    The book analyses the structure of the India-China relationship and the two prominent powers’ positions with and against each other, bilaterally and globally, in a complex Asian environment and beyond. India and China’s perceptions of one another are evaluated to reveal how the order of Asia is influenced by engaging in different power equations that affect equilibrium and disequilibrium.

    Contributors address three critical perspectives of India and China in Asia, which are increasingly shaping the future of Asia and impacting the Indo-Pacific power balance. First, they examine the mutual perceptions of India and China as an integral part of Asia’s evolving politics and the impact of this on the emerging Asian order and disorder. Second, they assess how classical and contemporary characteristics of the India–China boundary and beyond-border disputes or conflicts are shaping Asia’s political trajectory and leaving an impact on the Indo-Pacific region. Additionally, contributors observe the prevailing power equations in which India and China are currently engaged to reveal that they are not only geographically limited to the Asian region. Instead, having a strong global or intercontinental character attached to it, the India–China relationship involves extra-territorial powers and extra-territorial regions.

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