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Smruti Pattanaik’s article on Indo-Bangladesh Relations Published in ‘Daily Star’

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  • March 29, 2012

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Dr Smruti S. Pattanaik’s article titled, ‘Transcending India-Bangladesh Relations’ was published in the ‘Daily Star’ on March 2012.


    Any celebration of Bangladesh struggle for independence invariably invokes memories of the liberation war, the role played by its masses, individuals from different countries who contributed to its independence and the role of India. It also reminds us that the people of India and Bangladesh share common values and principles that the liberation war embodied. India and Bangladesh have traversed a long road of cooperation and friendship with occasional hiccups that are natural in any bilateral ties. The two in the recent past have earnestly attempted to resolve some of the intractable problems and have succeeded, notwithstanding the failure to sign Teesta agreement which is under negotiation.

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