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Shruti Pandalai’s Article on India-China War Published in the Times of India, Crest Edition

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  • October 22, 2012

    Research Analyst, IDSA, Shruti Pandalai’s article on India-China 1962 war titled, ‘The elephant in the room’ was published in the Times of India, Crest Edition on Oct 20, 2012.


    Five decades on and some scars still run deep. Sino-Indian relations today wear a garb of civility, progress and engagement. Yet, have we psychologically shed the baggage of the "great betrayal of 1962 ?"
    Perhaps not for a generation that still remembers the war and carries one particular albatross: of balancing the need to constantly engage with China while recalling a bad bruising;one which stays alive even today, in the guise of an unresolved boundary dispute. But naturally, insecurity, mistrust and suspicion along with preconceived notions of the other have always played havoc with any progress made in this troubled relationship.

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