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PV Ramana’s Article on Maoists Published in Daily News and Analyses

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  • April 02, 2012

    Research fellow, IDSA, Dr PV Ramana’s article titled ‘How Maoists went from snatching weapons to making them’ was published in ‘Daily News and Analyses’ on April 2, 2012.


    Maoists on March 27 set-off a high intensity landmine blast in Gadichiroli, Maharashtra, killing 12 Central Reserve Police Force personnel, and injuring 28 more. The CRPF team was traveling on a bus and was said to be on an area domination exercise.

    Similar incidents involving the killing of security personnel in landmine blasts were reported in the past, too, in various Maoist-dominated areas in different states. Moreover, Mine-Proof Vehicles were targeted, resulting in a large number of fatalities.

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