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Ali Ahmed’s Work Published in ‘The Kashmir Times’

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  • January 30, 2012

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Mr Ali Ahmed’s analytical piece on the state of Kashmir, ‘Acknowledging the blind spot on Kashmir’, has been published in ‘The Kashmir Times’.


    Aswin Kumar’s placing of his documentary, Inshallah Kashmir: Living Terrorism, on the internet for 24 hours in protest against the censors not allowing it to get past, helps revert the spotlight on Kashmir. It tells the wider audience in India that there are dimensions to the problem that keep it alive. It reveals India’s own role in the alienation. The advantage that could accrue from acknowledging this is that the necessary balm can be applied by the government without looking over its shoulder fearful of criticism of being ‘soft’ on Kashmir. The dominant narrative on Kashmir is not entirely wrong. It does capture the role of Pakistan’s proxy war. The film brings this out in its interview of a terrorist unapologetically discoursing on his prescription, Islamism, for Kashmir and, as a next step, in the rest of India. While Pakistan has real world concerns for proxy war, such as tying down India’s power in internal security, its human resources policy for its ‘strategic assets’ is more other worldly.

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