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Dmitri Kosyrev of Analytical Directorate Talks on Russia in Post-Election Period

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  • March 22, 2012

    Deputy Director, Analytical Directorate and Political Columnist (Asian problems) of RIA Novosti, Mr Dmitri Kosyrev, gave a talk on ‘Developments in Russia in the Post-election Period: Implications for India’, on March 22. Director General, IDSA, Dr Arvind Gupta chaired the session.

    During his talk, Mr Kosyrev covered the recent popular protests in Russia, on the future of Putin’s administration and Russian economy, Russia’s role in Afghanistan and Central Asia in the light of the 2014 NATO pullout and sanctions on Syria and Iran. With regard to India, he covered by the areas where Russia can enhance partnership with the former, the role of BRICS, SCO, etc.