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Ajey Lele’s Article on India-Pak Tension Across LOC Published in The Pioneer

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  • January 21, 2013

    Research Fellow, IDSA, Wg Cdr Ajey Lele’s article on recent India-Pakistan tension along the Line of Control (LOC), titled ‘Right messages’ went from Indian Army’ was published in The Pioneer on January 19, 2013.


    India-Pakistan relations have come under severe stress over the past week after Pakistani troops crossed the LoC (line of control) and killed two Indian soldiers. Unfortunately, the New Year has begun with outbreak of violence in Kashmir since India and Pakistan agreed a ceasefire nearly a decade ago. The situation has deteriorated further because the bodies of Indian soldiers have been found mutilated and a “barbaric” beheading of one the Indian soldier has taken place. After this incident there has been a huge outcry in the country. In a tough message to Pakistan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that there cannot be business as usual with Pakistan any more.

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