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Interactive Session with Joint Delegation from SCU-SASS, Chengdu, China

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  • August 08, 2018
    Only by Invitation
    1000 to 1230 hrs

    Venue: Room No. 005, Ground Floor

    Chair: Maj Gen Alok Deb, SM, VSM (Retd),Deputy Director General, IDSA

    The delegates Brief Profiles

    ZENG Xiangyu

    Mr. Zeng Xiangyu is an Associate Professor and Research/International Coordinator at the Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University. With a special interest in Indian/Pakistani/Afghan studies, Dr. Zeng is at present in charge of a national social sciences program: Maritime Security Strategy of India: Implications to China.

    Dr. Zeng was a visiting scholar in Pakistan, India and University of Macau in middle 2011, early 2014 and early 2016 respectivelyHe has published 3 books and some 30 papers such as "Sino-Pak Economic & Social Cooperation: Potentials and Prospects," "Afghanistan and Regional Security: Implications for China," "India-US Interaction in Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean," "Water Security in China and India: Exploring Water Cooperation," "Indian Naval Diplomacy: Strategies and Implications," etc.

    LIU Jiawei

    Mr. Liu Jiawei is associate research fellow (associate professor) and director at the Center for South Asia-West China Development and Cooperation Studies, Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University.

    As a specialist on Indian economy/public diplomacy/energy policies and frequent visitor to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal for academic research and conferences, Mr. Liu Jiawei has been visiting fellow in JNU in 2007 and in Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in 2010.

    ZHANG Chunyan

    Ms. Zhang Chunyan is lecturer, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Sichuan University. She was granted with a doctor’s degree in Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2012. She is the author of A Study on Indo-US Maritime Cooperation(Chengdu: 2013) in addition to a number of research papers covering Indo-US relations, Afghan issue, Islamic State and cyber security. She visited the US for a half year program in 2011. Later on, she visited ISDP, Sweden as a visiting scholar in 2016 for a one year research program.

    ZOU Zhengxin

    Mr. Zou Zhengxin is master-degree postgraduate student, Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University. He has published two research papers (one in Chinese and one in English) on Sagarmala as India’s maritime cooperation initiatives and China-India maritime cooperation.

    WANG Tengfei

    Mr. Wang Tengfei is master-degree postgraduate student, Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University. His paper on China-Sri Lanka relations was recently published in International Studies Reference. His dissertation also focus on the same topic.

    LIU Qian

    Mr. Liu Qian is master- degree postgraduate student, Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan University. His research interest covers Sino-Indian relations in general and those relevant to maritime engagement in particular. He is making a research on Unconventional maritime security cooperation of India.