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Online Discussion on ‘COVID-19 and Japan's Future Security Outlook in Indo-Pacific’

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  • May 18, 2020
    Only by Invitation
    1830 hrs (Indian) 2000 hrs (Japan)

    Chair: Ambassador Sujan R. Chinoy, DG, MP-IDSA

    Four Japanese Experts:
    Mr. Jun Isomura (Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Washington DC),
    Prof. Tosh Minohara (Professor, Kobe University & Chairman, Research Institute for Indo-Pacific)
    Dr. Tsuneo “Nabe” Watanabe (Senior Fellow, Sasakawa Foundation, Tokyo)
    Dr. Yoichiro Sato, Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, Japan)

    • 6.20 PM- 6.30 PM:      Connect via Webex
    • 6.30 PM- 6.40 PM:      Start of the Meeting: Director General’s Introductory Remarks
    • 6.40 PM- 6. 55 PM:     Jun Isomura, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Washington DC   Alliance Politics and Japan’s Security Outlook Post the Covid-19
    • 6.55PM- 7.10 PM:      Tosh Minohara, Professor, Kobe University & Chairman, Research Institute for Indo-Pacific, Japan, Sino-US Relations in the Post-Corona World: How Japan Should Prepare
    • 7.10 PM - 7.25 PM:  Tsuneo “Nabe”Watanabe, Senior Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Tokyo,         Japan, Covid-19 and the US-China Conflict 
    • 7.25 PM- 7.40 PM:   Yoichiro Sato, Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University, Japan,         FOIP and Japan’s Maritime Vision in a Post-Covid Period  
    • 7.30PM-8PM:           Q & A Session