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Second Global Shift and China's Economic Prospects

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  • December 08, 2010
    Only by Invitation
    1600 hrs

    A five member delegation from Hong Kong led by Professor Victor Sit will be visiting IDSA on Wednesday, 08 December, 2010 at 1600 hrs at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi.

    Professor Sit will make a presentation on "Second Global Shift and China's Economic Prospects".

    China’s 30 years’ record of fast economic growth is largely the result of the First Global Shift through which China has become the global factory for labour-intensive, low value-added consumer products. The country is now under economic restructuring. This, together with the changed global economic landscape, lay the foundation for the Second Global Shift. The process will possibly make China a global economic power with international financial influence as well as the largest global production platform for consumer durables.

    The other members of the delegation are:

    Mr. Lee Yu Leung
    Mr. Au Tin Fung
    Mr. Chong Hin Wang
    Ms. Yuen Yuk Fung Winnie

    Professor V. P. Dutt will chair the session.