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Security Architecture in Asia, East Asia Summit and China

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  • September 03, 2013
    Round Table
    1030 to 1200 hrs

    Venue: Board Room, IDSA
    Chair: Dr. Arvind Gupta, DG, IDSA

    Officials from Czech Republic

    • Mrs. Hana Mottlova, Director of Asia and Pacific Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
    • Mrs. Jana Peterkova, Political and Economic Secretary of the Embassy of the Czech Republic

    Officials from IDSA

    • Introductory Remarks: Dr. Arvind Gupta, DG, IDSA
    • Dr. Udai Bhanu Singh: India & ASEAN
    • Ms. Rukmani Gupta: Asia-Pacific
    • Dr. R.N.Das & Dr. Jagannath Panda: China-India Relations
    • Dr. Ashok Behuria: Pakistan
    • Mr. Vishal Chandra: Afghanistan