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IASA-IDSA Public Lecture by Prof Greg Barton on ‘Counter-terrorism efforts in Southeast Asia’

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  • March 18, 2013
    1700-1830 hrs

    Venue: Board Room, IDSA

    An expert in Indonesia and Islamic extremism, Professor Barton will look at the nature of the terrorist problem across the region- where, when, why and how. He will discuss ways to counter violent extremism, including community engagement, countering radicalisation, and rehabilitation. What has worked, and what has failed in South East Asia? The following discussion will allow for analysis of the linkages between South East Asian and South Asian terrorism - ideology, networks, tactics - as well as an assessment of counter-terrorism strategies and their global applicability.

    Prof Greg Barton’s bio-note

    Greg Barton is the Herb Feith Research Professor for the Study of Indonesia in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University. He is acting Director of the Centre for Islam and the Modern World (CIMOW), Deputy UNESCO Chair in Inter-religious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific, and Deputy Head of the school of Political and Social Inquiry (International). He is an active member of the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC) at Monash and continues to research Jemaah Islamiyah and other radical Islamist movements in Southeast Asia. Together with the Director of the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC) Dr Peter Lentini he is leading a large ARC Linkage research project examining violent extremist radicalization and counter radicalization.