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Early Years of Nuclear Cooperation and Non-Proliferation: A Dialogue on Nuclear Historicities

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  • October 10, 2012
    1000 hrs

    Venue: Auditorium, IDSA
    Keynote address: Shri Pinak Chakravarty, Special Secretary (Public Diplomacy), MEA
    Special address: Dr. Christian Ostermann, Co-Director, NPIHP


    0930-1000: Registration

    Inaugural Session

    1000-1005: Opening remarks by Dr. Arvind Gupta, DG, IDSA [Watch Video]

    1005-1020: Keynote address by Shri Pinak Chakravarty, Special Secretary (Public Diplomacy), Ministry of External Affairs [Watch Video]

    1020-1045: Special address by Dr. Christian Ostermann, Co-Director, NPIHP [Watch Video]

    1045-1100: Tea/coffee break

    1100-1300: Session I — Early years of international nuclear cooperation

    • Amb. K. Shankar Bajpai, Former Secretary, MEA (Chair)
    • Dr. G. Balachandran, IDSA – A Structural Overview [Watch Video]
    • Dr. Anna-Mart van Wyk, Monash University – The South African Narrative [Watch Video]
    • Prof. Arun Grover, TIFR/Panjab University – An Indian Retrospective [Watch Video]
    • Dr. Han Changqing, East China Normal University - A Chinese Perspective
    • Dr. Carlo Patti, CPDOC, Rio de Janerio – A Latin American narrative
    • Ms. Jayita Sarkar, Geneva Institute – Early Years of Franco-Indian Cooperation

    1300: Lunch

    1400: Session II — Nehru, non-proliferation and the bomb

    • Shri. M.K. Rasgotra, Former Foreign Secretary (Chair)
    • Shri. Inder Malhotra (Veteran journalist) [Watch Video]
    • Dr. Joseph Pilat, Los Alamos Laboratory [Watch Video]
    • Prof. Bharat Karnad, Centre for Policy Research [Watch Video]
    • Shri Kapil Patil, Indian Pugwash Society (Discussant)

    1530: Tea/Coffee Break

    1545-1730: Panel Discussion: India’s nuclear decision making 1964-74 [Watch Video]

    • Shri. Inder Malhotra (Chair)
    • Adm. K.K. Nayyar
    • Prof. Bharat Karnad
    • Shri K. Santhanam
    • Dr. Joseph Pilat
    • Dr. R.R. Subrahmanian