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Delegation of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences visits IDSA

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  • December 29, 2010

    A four-member delegation of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) led by Prof. Pan Shiwei, Secretary of the CPC committee and Chairman of Academic Committee of SASS, visited IDSA on 29 December, for an interaction with the scholars. Other members of the delegation included Mr. Li Yihai, Prof. Mei Junjie and Keija Yan. The meeting was chaired by Prof. V.P. Dutt, distinguished fellow at IDSA.

    Welcoming the delegation, Dr. Gupta, Lal Bahadur Shastri Chair, and Deputy Director General, said that IDSA has a long tradition of interaction and dialogue with a number of Chinese think tanks, including SASS. He recalled his fruitful interaction with Chinese think tanks during the recent visit of an IDSA delegation to China. Responding to this sentiment, Prof. Pan Shiwei said that SASS is following the developments in India and in Sino-Indian relations very closely. He added that cooperation between the two countries is of paramount importance, not only for India and China, but also for the world at large. Responding to the question relating to China’s policy towards Jammu and Kashmir, the member(s) of the delegation said that Beijing has been consistent in its approach towards Jammu and Kashmir, and that China has officially recognized Sikkim as an integral part of India.

    Participating in the interactive discussion, Dr. Gupta agreed with Prof. Pan Shiwei’s observation that there should be calmness, and that we should not be carried away by media hype. He, however, felt that China should show sensitivity to India’s concern relating to Jammu and Kashmir, and that India has no problems with Sino-Pakistan relations as Sino-Indian relations stands on their own. He further said that it is not the stapled visa, but the larger issue, which is a matter of concern to India. The meeting concluded with a very fruitful, and productive discussion.